Les témoignages de clients KNY

Motti Hoffman UK - Hilton Vilamoura, Pessah 2015
‎Hi Mauric
Just wanted to say a huge thank you for the most amazing pesach. We all thought it was unbelievable and can't stop talking about it (and ofcourse recommending to our friends :).
Believe it or not we're already looking into the summer holidays.
Arnold Lewis Liverpool, UK - Hilton Vilamoura, Pessah 2015
Dear Maurice,
I write on behalf of myself as well as my group from Liverpool to say how much we enjoyed Pesach at Vilamoura.
The quality and quantity of everything that KNY provided - food, drink, entertainment, rabbinical input and supervision etc. - well exceeded our expectations.
The standard of service we received from the staff was also exceptionally good.
My only other comment, which happens to reflect the view of many others in my group, is that we would have preferred to have been served less meat-based dishes and more fish and chicken and even vegetarian-based dishes. This would apply especially for the Sedarim when meals are served late.
Thank you again for organising an excellent and memorable Pesach experience.
Hopefully we will see you again next Pesach.
Best wishes
Marcel Wikler London, UK - Hilton Vilamoura, Pessah 2015
Dear Maurice,
Hope you will enjoy a holiday yourself after all the hard work !
We had a wonderful time and thank you and your excellent staff (and brother) to make it happen.
Many thanks and a healthy and prosperous year.
Karen Treiger Seattle, USA - Onyria Cascais, Pessah 2015
Maurice is a master and you can tell him I said so.
I have been going away on pesach programs since I was 11 years old. His program was on the top of my list.
I hope we can get back there one year in the near future, even if it is not next year.
Best wishes
Karen Treiger Seattle, USA - Onyria Cascais, Pessah 2015
Maurice is a master and you can tell him I said so.
I have been going away on pesach programs since I was 11 years old. His program was on the top of my list.
I hope we can get back there one year in the near future, even if it is not next year.
Best wishes
Famille Pienica Anvers, BELGIQUE - Hilton Vilamoura, Pessah 2015
Bonjour Maurice,
Je voulais vous envoyer (avec un peu de retard) ce petit mail au nom de toute la famille pour vous complimenter sur le merveilleux service dont nous avons bénéficié durant notre sejour.
Votre equipe ainsi que le staff de l’hôtel qui a été mis a disposition, ont fait preuve de professionnalisme et de grande gentillesse.
Encore bravo !
Rosette WOLF LONDRES - Onyria Cascais, Pessah 2014
Cher Monsieur Charbit,
Nous voulions tout d’abord vous remercier de tout coeur pour le “merveilleux “ Pessach que nous avons passe a l’hotel Onyria.
Nous apprecions 2normement le mal que vous vous $etes donné, pour que vos invités jouissent au maximum de ces très belles vacances, dans un cadre splendide, avec d’excellents menus pour TOUS les goûts.
Nous avons rencontré des gens charmants, vous avez vraiment une très belle clientelle !
Dear Maurice,
I have returned home from one of the most splendid, luxurious and meaningful Pesach's that I have ever had. Not only were the accommodations at the Four Seasons in Florence spectacular, but your daily, consistently exquisite and delicious meals far surpassed any of the finest restaurants that I have ever dined in around the world - and on Pesach yet!

Your provisions for Tefilot, Shiurim and the extra curricular activities made my spirit soar and my soul feel at peace. Your company certainly stands for the highest quality of customer service that one can provide.

I cannot end this approbation without focusing on your expertise, Maurice. You are the heart and soul of every event you plan. Your attention to detail is impeccable. Your care for your guests not only as a group, but for each individual, is above and beyond the call of duty. You pay attention to each person's desires as well as knowing the personality of each of your guests.

In short, your trip was transformatives for me. Individuals came together as a group, transformed into family friends and then as members of one big family that will always stay in touch.

My deepest gratitude to you always.
Rabbi Adam MINTZ
Dear Maurice,
My family and I wanted to thank you once again for the most magnificent Pesach we have ever spent. The food was so amazing that we have told everyone in New York about the quality of the meats, wine and all the other delicious food and about the fabulous event on Saturday night at the Four Seasons.
We are so glad that we were able to assist you in making Pesach memorable for the guests at the Regency. We know how difficult it is to coordinate a Pesach program in two five star hotels and we are so happy that we played a role in guaranteeing the success of the program.
Thank you for inviting us to join you for one of the lunches and kiddush at the Four Seasons. It was a treat to meet your broad range of guests and to speak with them about so many topics. In addition, we are happy that we were able to help the guests find their way to the major sites in Florence and throughout the region.
We hope to be able to work with you in the future and we would be very interested in serving as rabbi and guest speakers as part of your Portugal program this summer.
We look forward to staying in touch.

All the best
I just wanted to say thank you again for putting together a wonderful program. Like everyone else I spoke to, I was so impressed by your generosity, your wanting to please everyone, your care and attention to detail, and the quality of the food. When you add to all this a chef like Vito and a staff like the Four Seasons’ , it made for an unforgettable experience.
I look forward to future programs!

Thank you again
Jonathan and Philippa STRAIGHT
Dear Maurice
Philippa and I wanted to thank you for arranging the most amazing Pesach programme. It surpassed our expectation in every way.
Thank you for taking so much care and attention in our specific dietary requests and for looking after the children so well.
We had a wonderful time and met new friends who we hope to keep in touch with.
Please let us know what you have planned for the summer.

Best regards
Kislev Of New York, The Magic Touch of French elegance